December 2, 2022

We just wanted to tell you how grateful we are for an amazing group of supporters like yourself. We are just a few days into CoMoGives, and we are already feeling the love of this incredible community! Thank you!

Did you know that last year we were able to add a Care Coordinator and Intern Manager to our staff team because of your donations?

Our Care Coordinator works with over 40 Afghan families. Our Intern Manager launched our intern and youth programs, allowing us to meet more needs with more resources. Without you, families in our community wouldn’t have support like this. You made that possible.

But even with all that work, our community still needs us. Families still need us! New families are arriving all the time, not only from Afghanistan & Ukraine, but from other parts of the country, and they need our help.

We met our Giving Tuesday goal, but we’re not done yet! CoMoGives goes until December 31. This is our most critical time to raise funds in order to get us in a healthy spot to launch 2023. If you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, help us make a real impact by giving here.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

City of Refuge Staff

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