A Place to Call Home

City of Refuge Capital Campaign

In 2021 alone, an unprecedented 89 million people around the world have been forced from their homes. Among them, over 27 million are refugees, well over half of whom are under the age of 18.

Over the past few years, thousands of women, children, and men from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa have fled conflict and disaster, seeking a place to survive and recover in our community.

As persecution increases and people become more divided, there is an urgency for our city to join together and stand for those in need, now more than ever. Today we have an opportunity to comfort those searching for relief and to help them overcome the disaster that has shattered their lives and livelihoods.

Be a Part of Our Growth

Over the last decade, City of Refuge has provided a wide range of support for the thousands of displaced men, women and children who have resettled in Missouri. Our goal is to help refugees recover and regain control of their future.

In the past few years, we have experienced exponential growth and have exceeded the physical capacity of our former office space. This fall we will begin transitioning into a new building in the heart of Columbia.

The property sits in the midst of several refugee communities and serves as a physical representation of our message to the refugee community: You have a place here.

With donation space, and an open gathering room, this building allows us to instantly triple our available program and service capacity. We will meet with more individuals and families, and there will be places for music lessons, places for our teenage youth to build memories with their mentors, Places for baby showers and graduations, and church groups to meet, places to feel safe, known, and cared for.


City of Refuge is able to help refugees in our community because of partnerships with individuals, families, and businesses in Columbia. After renovations and additions, the cost of moving into this building is $3,000,000 and funding it is essential for us to continue our mission. Your assistance in meeting this need lays the foundation for City of Refuge’s work.

If you would like to contribute to our Capital Campaign, please consider making a donation today. Your support is appreciated, by not only our organization but by the refugees we serve every day.



City of Refuge has been awarded Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Tax Credits through the state of Missouri! We are excited for how these credits can benefit donors AND our refugee neighbors as we get settled in our new building at 10 N. Garth Ave. & 2 E. Walnut and expand to open a preschool.

Our Credit Authorization is: $241,753 and our Credit Level is 50%. This amount of tax credit will leverage at least $483,506 in NAP donations. Our NAP Project includes some deferred maintenance on the new building, preschool remodel (sprinklers, playground, etc.), driving simulator, and more.

We are offering these credits to donors who are able to give at least $5,000 to the project, meaning you would get $2,500 in tax credits. These are being offered on a first come, first serve basis until our project is complete. We must first approve the contribution to make sure we have enough tax credits remaining.

Eligible Donors

  • Businesses
  • Individuals who operate a sole proprietorship,
    operate a farm, have rental property or have
    rovalty income.
  • Shareholders in an S-corporation, a partner in
    a Partnership or a member of a Limited
    Liability Corporation

Eligible Contributions

  • Cash Contributions
  • Employee Payroll Deductions
  • Real Estate Contributions or purchase using
  • In-Kind Donations
  • Publicly Traded Stocks & Bonds

Naming Rights

Will you support us?

A one-time or recurring donation will help us as we continue to grow and serve
refugees in Mid-Missouri.

Mail Checks to:
10 N. Garth Ave.
Columbia, MO 65203
MEMO: Capital Campaign

If you have any questions about the Capital Campaign or NAP Tax Credits, please contact Debbie at
debbie@cityofrefugecolumbia.org. If you would like to tour the facility, click the link below!