Become a Friend for Refugees in Columbia

Would you like to become a friend and supporter of refugees in Columbia? With your help, these men, women and children can become thriving members of our community.  

There are a few ways that you can contribute both your time and resources to our organization. If you would like to actively participate in our mission, we have three tiers of involvement: volunteer, support and advocate. As well as giving your time, we also offer community events and an online donation portal to make a one-time or monthly donation. Learn more about how you can support City of Refuge.  



Your time is a valuable resource to our organization. If you’re just learning about City of Refuge and want to get involved, becoming a volunteer is your first step. Learn more about our available volunteer opportunities.

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Becoming a supporter of City of Refuge is a more in-depth way to get involved with our organization. As a supporter, we have more ongoing volunteer opportunities for you, as well as ways you can contribute new or used goods for individuals in need. Learn more about how you can support us.

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Being an advocate for our organization positions you as a person of peace in the community. As an advocate, you play an important role in the assimilation and growth of refugees in Columbia. Learn more about what it means to be an advocate.

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Business Involvement

As a business, you can make a difference in the lives of refugees. Learn more about how you can support refugees by providing employment opportunities.

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City of Refuge hosts a variety of events in Columbia. We encourage you to check out our upcoming events and invite your family and friends to join.

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Because are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, our ability to help refugees in our community is dependent on a combination of grants and generous donations from our supporters. While it is not expected, donations are always appreciated. Learn how you can become a financial supporter of City of Refuge.

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Local Partnerships

We have been able to do more for our refugee friends through these partnerships, whether that’s raising money through a fundraising event, a basic needs drive, or providing resources (like food!) for one of our events. Check out the options to see if your business, organization, restaurant, rotary group, church small group, sorority or fraternity could partner with us!

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