Coming Soon…

We are thrilled to announce that City Cuisine will be entering the Columbia food trailer scene in the late summer of 2024. Funded by a workforce empowerment grant, we are already realizing the dream by laying a foundation through cooking classes, curriculum development, and menu planning. We anticipate a rotating menu of flavors from around the world (including some American favorites!); a “global fusion” of sorts.

We’re excited to learn from our refugee friends and we’re excited to prepare them for the possibility of entering the culinary workforce in America. From commercial kitchen equipment, to food handler’s permits, to knife sharpening skills… there is a lot to learn. Our hope with this initiative is threefold:

  • To provide the training, experience, and English language needed to successfully enter kitchens across the city
  • To set our entrepreneurial friends up to launch their own restaurants in the coming years. We envision a city filled with restaurants featuring authentic, yummy food from all over the world. We want to equip our friends to share their food on a larger scale, providing the business acumen and managerial experience to do so.
  • To be able to provide part-time employment and supplemental income as newcomers need it (maybe even some of our moms who have kiddos enrolled at City Preschool!)

We’re also looking forward to the awareness a food truck can bring to the community. Every day we encounter folks who don’t know about City of Refuge, who don’t know that there are thousands and thousands of refugees who live in mid-Missouri, who don’t even know what a refugee is.

We anticipate that City Cuisine will impart education and opportunity. We imagine laughter and joy as our arms and our taste buds open to new people and new flavors. Be on the lookout for how our City Cuisine journey unfolds in the next weeks and months. We plan to be parked at 10 N. Garth Ave. most weekdays and at your favorite events throughout the year. AND if you want to see us at your place of work, an event, or want to plan a fundraiser for City of Refuge using City Cuisine as a focal point? Request to book a date by clicking the link below: