November 25, 2023

A few weeks back, I had just begun a tour of our building when I noticed a few of our staff carrying in cupcakes and gifts. They were with a woman who held a 6 month old baby in her arms. After a brief introduction, this woman proceeded to tell me (and our tour guests) about the meaningful impact our staff had made in her life several years ago. It had been a very hard season, as a new refugee from Cambodia trying to make ends meet. Our staff had stepped in to assist – befriending her and getting her connected with various resources in Columbia. Tears welled up in her eyes as she shared pieces of her story. 

I was a witness to multiple acts of generosity that day. Before me was a woman, giving generously from what she had (including a cash donation!), as she attempted to express what words felt too inadequate for: thank you. Our generosity, years ago, had made a lasting impact on her. It moved her to this beautiful act I was seeing today. It was almost as if she was saying, “Thank you for seeing me when no one else did. Thank you for helping me, when no one else would.” On this particular day, she had driven 2 hours – on her only day off – to give these gifts and say these words. 

It was deep gratitude in the form of radical generosity

I’ve been struck by the idea of “generosity” lately. Generous means “showing a readiness to give more of something, as money or time, than is strictly necessary or expected.” The very definition of generosity feels radical. It’s more than, it’s unorthodox, it’s unexpected.  

We witness radical acts of generosity a lot at City of Refuge. It’s humbling. It’s beautiful. It’s life-changing. It shows up in surprising, small ways, and also large, powerful ways. Sometimes the smallest acts have the most impact. Sometimes the largest gifts serve as catalysts for more radical generosity. 

Because generosity begets more generosity. A “pay it forward” type of mentality. When you are a witness to how other people give more than you might expect, it inspires you. Sometimes it can even change you. It makes you ask: how can I also be this type of person? In what ways can I participate in changing the lives around me? 

We’re excited to enter this next month and share with you stories of more radical generosity. City of Refuge exists solely because of a community rallying together to give generously from what they have – more than you might expect. 

We kick of our year-end CoMoGives campaign on Giving Tuesday, November 28th. We hope you’ll consider joining us there as we look to exceed our wildest expectations through many, many acts of radical generosity. 

We look to you, friends. So that we can be the types of people who step into life with our newest neighbors from all over the world. So that we can equip and prepare more folks in our community to see our hurting friends, when others might just skip over them. 

There are 3 ways you can tangibly help, today: 

  • Set a reminder for Tuesday, November 28th to head over to our CoMoGives page and make a financial donation. 
  • Follow us on social media, and actively share our posts to engage your own networks (Facebook PageInstagram Page
  • Tell 2-3 friends or family members about the work we are doing and invite them to partner with us this season. You could even forward them this email! 

Debbie Beal
Executive Director

More Ways to Partner

From giving, to volunteering, to shopping – there are many ways to support City of Refuge this holiday season. 

Grab an Ornament

Next time you’re in City Boutique, grab an ornament and help us purchase Basic Needs items this holiday season. Or, rally your church or your business to join the fun!

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