December 1, 2023

Joanie Nazary joined our team in June 2023 eager to help with the continued influx of Afghan newcomers. She quickly learned the ins and outs of being a Refugee Care Coordinator, working to meet the varying needs of the friends who came in each day. Check out what she has to say about generosity and giving.

What’s the most meaningful moment of generosity that you’ve seen/experienced at City of Refuge? 

During the summer I fractured a bone in my foot, leaving me in an orthopedic boot and unable to drive. After helping a client get an internet bill figured out at the internet provider’s office, I tentatively asked if he would be able to drop me off at the office. He was so kind and said of course, in a manner that said “Of course, I was already planning on it!” I have driven clients home and to appointments, and it was neat to be in a position of need and to have one of our friends be generous and meet that need for ME!

Why do you think people should give to City of Refuge? 

I think many are vaguely aware that there are many people in need and that we should do something about it. The problem is, we do not have any idea where to start and what specific needs there are. Further, most needs do not stand alone – they are intricately connected to many other needs. City of Refuge is knee-deep in the worlds of our refugee friends – we know what those needs are and are willing to be the hands and feet to take care of them.

Donors link arms with us to help.

Thank You!

For the many of you who have given this season already. We are so grateful for the ways you are investing in the lives of our refugee friends.

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