December 8, 2023

Hear from Lori Stoll, Refugee Care Coordinator, who has been at City of Refuge since our beginnings and has had a heart for our refugee friends for as long as she can remember! Lori has been instrumental in paving the way for relationships to be such a critical component of our work each and every day.

I have recently experienced generosity from one of our most vulnerable families. She is a single mom who has severe health issues. 

She lives on a part-time minimum wage job as the location of the job (she walks) and the hours (school hours and days) are the best for her family. She is always so thankful as we spend time together at dental and doctor’s visits.  

She often invites me in after an appointment. Recently I was able to accept, as I didn’t have an appointment immediately after. Her beautiful expression of generosity and love was humbling as she waited on me and fixed delicious freshly roasted coffee. I was weary from a day of work, and it was a rare treat to join her and her kids as we shared fellowship over a small meal. 

As we were talking, the girls let me know of some specific needs their mother had. The very next day, we stopped by City of Refuge after picking up some prescriptions, and as we were walking in, we came across a group of high school kids bringing in donations. They had all of the things that were mentioned by her kids the day before. We both were amazed at the provision of God and others in our community who come alongside, even though they don’t know the people we serve personally. But God knows and orchestrates the giving!

We love bearing witness to the many ways your gifts have a direct impact in the lives of our refugee friends.

Don’t forget to join us for our first ever Holiday Market (Saturday, December 9). In addition to several local artisans, we have a handful of our refugee friends making their debut. Come show them your support!

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