A Day in the Life…

Here’s a day in the life of our Director of Refugee Care. These are real stories in a real day… and why were are so thankful for the countless individuals who support what we do every single day.  An hour or so into the day… I helped a refugee lady emotionally process her recent car accident.

A Farewell of Sorts

I remember the first gift I made to City of Refuge. It was September 2018, and the organization’s building at the time needed to be outfitted. They shared an Amazon gift list in a social media post, and I bought them a set of window blinds. It was my first step forward–my first investment, modest

Do Something Different

When I retired about eight years ago, I wanted to do something different, something unrelated to my career, something that got me out into the community. Volunteer! for… something. I was intrigued by City of Refuge, and they were looking for English Buddies, for one-on-one English tutoring with a refugee. I’ve had plenty of teaching experience, but not with English, and certainly not