November 29, 2022

There’s still time to give! THREE HOURS REMAIN! 

Be a part of our story as we embark on new beginnings. One of our plans is to launch a refugee artisan market in our new City Boutique (here’s a local news segment about our grand opening yesterday)!  Alongside resale items from unused or excess in-kind donations we receive from our community, we will also make space to sell refugees’ artisan pieces. We will expand our weekly sewing class into more studio time and also provide artisan workshops to women who are desiring to learn a new skill. These women will not only be able to bring some additional income into their homes (which has a global impact), but they will also have a place to gather outside their home to form community among each other. 

Many refugees, women specifically, can experience a lot of social isolation after arriving in America.

Imagine being forced away from your home, family, and your normal way of life and being placed in a setting where you don’t speak the language, where it’s hard (sometimes impossible) to go somewhere unless someone is driving you, and living far away from the people who have truly known you.

We are moving toward providing ample opportunities to bring women together for friendship, to make sure they know they have a place they belong. The trauma endured by our refugee friends is unimaginable, and here, at City of Refuge, they can be assured that they aren’t alone. When we are able to do this, we know that a little bit of healing can begin to take place. 

Help us make these spaces a reality. Help us make City of Refuge a place to call home, a place where people know they belong. 

Give Now.

Forward and Share our posts on Facebook or Instagram – let your family & friends the significant impact that they can make with a financial contribution. 

Thank you for being a part of our mission and vision.

City of Refuge Team 

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