February 1, 2024

I’ve joked with our staff lately about our “Great Transition”. It’s been a whirlwind month of navigating weather, school closings, staff changes (including some new hires!), funding requirements, a preschool launching, and new families arriving all.the.time. 

Suffice it to say: we haven’t been bored. But as we look ahead to what 2024 holds, we eagerly anticipate the many things that are bound to unfold. With City Preschool beginning, we are working on developing programs for parents to participate in while their kiddos are learning. From driving lessons, to English classes, to artisan and culinary skills – there will be opportunities for our families to make empowering strides toward independence. 

Last week, we walked one of our preschool moms over to the library to introduce her to the incredible resources there. Would you believe that yesterday we watched her take another preschool mom over there by herself? It was a sweet moment of connection and confidence. Whispered hopes: you can

In 2024, you’ll hear more about hope restored. Stories of folks attending graduate school. You’ll hear about women learning to drive and getting their driver’s licenses. You’ll hear about the launch of our much-anticipated culinary program. You’ll hear about entrepreneurial journeys. You’ll hear about reunification. You’ll hear about the miracles. 

You’ll hear about changes we are actively working to make to more thoroughly meet needs – like the revamping of our English Buddy program as we seek to elevate the importance of the relationships these partnerships are rooted in. And while, yes, English is critical – we find, over and over again, that the relationships are even more important. The relationships highlight the why, they remind us of the human component, they force us to scream from the rooftops: we may be different, but we are also the same! They give us a chance to celebrate those differences while also acknowledging our commonalities. Because, first and foremost, we are all humans – in desperate need of connection and belonging. 

There will be no shortage of ways to get involved or plug into our mission of serving and empowering refugees through relational care, education, and development. 

We can’t wait to share more about how these connections are transforming communities. Stay tuned… 

Our Tea is Back!

After a long hiatus, you can now get the most delicious teas in City Boutique. Come by 10 N. Garth Ave. Monday-Friday, from 9:00am-4:00pm to grab one before we run out! 

We have everything from Honey Bush Banana Nut to Carrot Cake Rooibus. We hope to see you soon!

City Preschool

We have officially opened up our application for Fall 2024. 

We are excited to invite those interested in attending to fill out an application! 

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