Orchestrated Giving

Hear from Lori Stoll, Refugee Care Coordinator, who has been at City of Refuge since our beginnings and has had a heart for our refugee friends for as long as she can remember! Lori has been instrumental in paving the way for relationships to be such a critical component of our work each and every

Link Arms with Us

Joanie Nazary joined our team in June 2023 eager to help with the continued influx of Afghan newcomers. She quickly learned the ins and outs of being a Refugee Care Coordinator, working to meet the varying needs of the friends who came in each day. Check out what she has to say about generosity and

Radical Generosity

A few weeks back, I had just begun a tour of our building when I noticed a few of our staff carrying in cupcakes and gifts. They were with a woman who held a 6 month old baby in her arms. After a brief introduction, this woman proceeded to tell me (and our tour guests)

Face to Face

How do you know when you belong? When are you part of a group, rather than merely a face in the crowd? What does it mean to make personal connection? Sociologists give us data to teach us about the scope of our crisis as a lonely society. Psychologists explain how the technological devices we’ve adopted to connect with others end up separating us in unexpected ways. Pastors, at their best, share

Cruise Control

$430. That’s how much it would cost me to get to work each week if I had to take an Uber. That’s $22,360 annually. Add in $800/month (if I’m lucky) of rent and that puts me at a grand total of $31,960. I haven’t bought food yet. Or paid for utilities. Or health bills. Just


“I want our kids to be better prepared for school in America”. It was initially an alarming sentiment for me to hear, as we asked our refugee friends what was most important to them in a preschool. But, as the gentleman expounded, it made sense.  The children of first generation refugees are often living in

A Look Inside

When we opened City Boutique in November 2021, we had lofty dreams about what our Global Artisan Program could look like. We never anticipated how quickly it would take off, but we have been grateful for the opportunity to work with so many refugee women as they launch new careers, get paid their first paycheck, develop a new skill,

Do Something Different

When I retired about eight years ago, I wanted to do something different, something unrelated to my career, something that got me out into the community. Volunteer! for… something. I was intrigued by City of Refuge, and they were looking for English Buddies, for one-on-one English tutoring with a refugee. I’ve had plenty of teaching experience, but not with English, and certainly not

Did you choose your vulnerability?

Have you ever held a small child for a very long time? Or carried them, for any amount of time? I have an almost 4-year-old, and it’s no easy feat. We try different methods, depending on the distance we must cover. A few weeks ago, we trekked down a quarter mile pier with her riding

Unexpected Blessings

Sometimes we step out in faith having to believe that something or someone will catch us. We can plan, we can prepare, we can think through every possible detail or ramification of our actions… but, usually, our preparedness can only get us so far.  I’ve learned (am still learning, really) to plan – absolutely plan