March 9, 2023

You’ve heard of a walkathon or a bike-a-thon… but have you ever heard of a poem-a-thon? City of Refuge is excited to launch this new opportunity for the benefit of our refugee friends. 

Registration is now OPEN. 

Commit to writing something down every day for 30 days. Join City of Refuge as we learn the healing power of sharing our voices in new ways through the varying lenses of language, culture, experiences, relationships, identity, and resilience.

It’s simple: 

  • Write something down for 30 days (in April), we will send you optional prompts each day to assist.
  • Find people to sponsor you – there is no requirement, but we encourage you to aim for at least $1/day ($30 total) per sponsor.
  • Optional: Consider submitting your poems to share with our community and supporters.
  • Optional: Come to our live workshops throughout April to gather with the community of writers 

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A City of Refuge Poem-a-thon

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