For general information on City of Refuge please Contact our Director,

Barry Stoll 573-289-1869

If you would like to volunteer in someway with City of Refuge please contact,

Andrew Dolan 573-529-7564

If you have an interest in helping teach english to refugees please contact,

Alissa Dolan 573-303-1596

If you have a large item to donate such as furniture ect please contact,

Andrew Dolan 573-529-7564

Contact Form

Just numbers, no hyphens (ex: 5551239876)

Contact for donating women’s, children’s, men’s clothing or small household items please contact,

Kellye Dubinski 573-864-1288

Kellye will arrange either a pickup time for your items or you are welcome to drop off all donations anytime at

9030 Lake Meadows Way, Columbia 65201
Please drop off in front of the garage door.

Items we do not accept:

– Expired carseats
– Beat up plywood furniture or plywood desks
– Old television sets

If you would like a tax receipt for your giving email Jennifer Wampler at

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Grateful for the support from United Way