We love all the new moms and babies that we get to know at City of Refuge! Your generosity helps families with a brand new little one worry less about how to get all the necessary things for new mom survival. Instead, these families are able to more readily focus on the day-to-day requirements life demands of us. A little goes a long way.

In addition to this Kit, please consider making a financial commitment during this Season of Giving! Your continued support allows us to directly offer hands-on care to new moms as they navigate our health care system in America.


**A New Mom & Baby Kit costs approximately $35.00 + $25 Program Support Donation**

Thank you for giving generously to our refugee moms and babies!
**For any donation over $35, you can opt to receive an exclusive City of Refuge ornament as a small ‘Thank You’! As you celebrate this holiday season, our hope is that you would Remember the Refugees. Remember them as you shop, as you give, as you gather together with family and friends. Remember their plight, remember their loss, and remember that you have rallied together with City of Refuge to offer hope and to help with a new start.