In August 2021, we found tragedy everywhere we turned — across our televisions, our newspapers, and our social media feeds. We were shocked by the devastation in Afghanistan, often pleading, “How can I help? What can I do?” 

As more and more Afghans make their way to mid-Missouri with nothing more than a backpack to their name, they are facing the reality of a new start. It wasn’t one they wanted, but one they are now forced to make. Their lives must be rebuilt. Their homes must be filled with beds to sleep in, tables to eat at, chairs to sit in. Their kitchens need to be stocked with pots, so they can cook. They will need warm clothes to brave the midwest chill. Their hair will need to be washed, their fingernails trimmed. The list is ongoing.

They need you and your generosity. They need kind faces, welcoming arms, and people who are willing to give, guide, listen, and learn. Can you be that person? Can we be those people? 

Now is the time. Here is how you can help.



Below is a list of items that we are hoping to gather in the next weeks/months as refugee arrivals increase. In addition to these items, please consider the impact you can make through a monthly financial contribution. A little goes a long way.


We currently accept donations:

Monday – Wednesday | 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. | 7 E. Sexton Rd. | Columbia, MO


**Please note:  Any items from this list will be highly useful to any refugee making their way to mid-Missouri.